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Lost looking for Apostille Services Canada? You Are Not Alone Here's Why

Slide Government of Canada
Uses a different process than other countries.
Until Canada Joins
The Hague Apostille Agreement there is no Apostille Services Canada.
Great Until Then What Do I Do?
Well don't let it slow down your international plans for one.

Slide If someone asked you to get an Apostille for a Canadian document there's a few things you should know. First thing is unfortunately until Canada signs the Apostille agreement you cannot get one, so now what do you do to get your document accepted internationally? Although there is a lot of information on the internet this is what the experts in Canada are saying you should do. Learn More

Tools you need to get your Canadian document accepted as an Apostille anywhere in the world First get it Authenticated at Global Affairs Canada Check out their website although the information can be confusing, they do explain how to use their service. The only downsides are they take 20+ business days and their rules can be complicated with no one to answer questions. Learn More Then it's ready for Legalization at the Embassy. The experts say this is the most difficult part of the process. Rules change often and information provided can be outdated on Embassy websites. To find out more here are the foreign representatives in Canada and how you can get in touch with them. Learn More Or hire an expert for a quick out of the box solution Common sense tells us it's best to choose a service with the most experience. Why trust such an important life matter to just any service on the internet. Get what you deserve and pay for. get Canada’s experts working for you! Learn More

Slide Still not sure? Find out who Google thinks is the Apostille experts in Canada. Let's Find Out

If your document is not Canadian you need to find an Apostille Service in the country it came from. Here are a few of the most requested countries to help you search. Russian Federation United Kingdom - Blair Consular India United States - AuthenText United States - Blair Consular United States - WCS

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